Who is Miss Glow It All?

Always a Philly girl at heart living in the NYC area.  A sucker for period films, especially anything with Kings/Queens or Victorian era costumes.  Never one to say no to a margarita (actually married on Cinco de Mayo!) and a seafood fanatic.  I dream of Old Bay steamed crabs…and Sephora!

I’m a Film & TV Production Supervisor by day and a skincare and makeup aficionado by night.

Being in entertainment all my career has certainly fueled my addiction to everything skincare and makeup…one step in a makeup room when I was still just an intern and I was hooked.  Because working on set can lead to some intense hours (think 16 hour days with the occasional all nighters), I focus a lot of my daily routine on skincare. This way, I need less makeup in the mornings to get out the door looking fresh and glowing.  And let’s face it, attempting to put on eyeliner and foundation after just a few hours of sleep almost certainly leads to disaster.

About Me PhotoIf there’s an opening in any conversation to talk magic, lotions and potions, I’ll take it.  Just ask my friends and family.   So I hope you’ll be able to get some useful tips and information from my own trials and experimentation.

If you’re interested in my film career, you can find out more about that here.

Lots of Love,

When Sparks Flew:
I was 11, and it was a beautiful Estée Lauder powder compact.  I had a friend that offered me her compact one day to use.  Growing up with just my father, I had no concept of makeup really and my knowledge only extended to what I had seen in the movies.  Nevertheless, I applied the compact all over my face and under my eyes.  It left such a nice, powdery finish masking all the small pimples and imperfections on my cheeks.  I was in awe.  I couldn’t believe how pretty something so simple could make me feel.  As soon as I saved up enough money, I went straight to the drugstore to buy my own.  To my surprise, they didn’t carry Estée Lauder so I settled for a CoverGirl compact in a green case instead.  And with that pretty package of plastic and mirror, I was hooked.

My Philosophy:
Your skin will be with you for the rest of your life, so you should invest and take care of it. Accept the things you can’t change and focus on enhancing the areas that you like.

We all have that inner glow, and it’s just about finding the right mix of love, friendship, exercise, and products that work for each of us.  Sometimes it’s as simple as just taking the time to take care of ourselves and letting the stress from our busy lives go.

Biggest Skincare Regret:
I still get acid flashbacks every time I think back on my trips to the tanning salon in high school. Girls, LISTEN TO ME, you don’t have to be tan to go to prom. You really, really don’t. And if you want some color, please just fake it! From just even a small amount of visits in my youth, I have the beginnings of sun spots on my cheeks. A few days of a tan is just not worth the longterm consequences.

Favorite Thing about Skincare and Make-up:
For me, skincare and makeup application is a coveted ritual. It’s my daily time to reflect and pamper myself, and I make sure to surround myself with things that make me feel my best. The sight and smell of a specific product speaks to me on a visceral level.  The sparkle of a lipstick case can attract me from the opposite end of a store (and often does). I find a real pleasure in applying products that smell fantastic. I have a face balm that smells of basil and exotic herbs and it is a true luxury to put it on in the evenings as a treat. Taking care of your skin and applying make-up can transcend routine and become pleasurable if you surround yourself with products that you truly enjoy using.