Blotting Paper Roundup

From drugstore to splurge worthy

Blotting papers are this oily girl’s best friend.  You won’t catch me without some in my purse.  So if you’re asking “do I really need these?” my answer is absofreakinlutely.   That does assume, of course, you have somewhat oily skin and want to address pesky midday shine.

I prefer removing oil without applying a layer of powder onto my skin, especially when I’m going sans makeup.  That’s why these are my first choice for oil removal.  They’re easy, efficient and don’t require a mirror to use!  And they’re ace for making new friends.  Give a blotting paper to a coworker in the bathroom on a hot, humid day and you have a friend in the making.

I’ve been loyal to the same blotting papers for years but recently tried out some other popular options. Here’s a breakdown listing each in order of preference, ending with my favorite.

#5: NYX- Blotting Papers (50 ct for $3.99)

Cheap and no frills sums it up. I was hoping to like these because of the price point but the quality is not up to par with other blotting papers. They are very thin and the texture is similar to those toilet seat covers in public bathrooms. I wouldn’t mind that so much if it did a good job of absorbing oil. These are so small that it takes at least 3 papers to get the oil from my face. This packet won’t last long if you use them every day.

#4: Clean & Clear- Clear Touch Oil-Absorbing Sheets (50 ct for $5.99)

These get the oil off better than the NYX brand. Sometimes I do need multiple papers, but it feels like it absorbs more.  These have a unique texture, almost rubbery, which feels a bit strange on the skin.  Also, I find I need to rub these in a bit around the corner of my nose to get all the shine off.  Did I mention these sheets are blue?!  You can’t be incognito with these.  Other than that it takes off the oil without disturbing makeup and leaves a matte finish.

#3: Palladio- Oil Absorbing Rice Paper Tissues with Rice Powder (40 ct for $3.99)

I love the concept, a blotting paper with powder to help mattify.  I have this in the Translucent shade though it is not exactly invisible and leaves a light color behind.  These are also available in Warm Beige and  a Natural shade, though I doubt these would suit all skin tones.  The finish of the powder is too mattifying for my taste.  I also don’t like how it lightly masks the blush and bronzer I’m already wearing.  Also, if the powder is cracked on the paper at all,  it will leave chunks of powder on your face that you’ll need to buff out with your fingers.  The back side of the paper does not have powder but can also be used, thought it does not absorb the oil quite as well.  If you like using powder to mattify, this is a nice option as it does absorb oil instead of just masking it.

#2: Tatcha- Petal Soft Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers (35 ct for $15)

These are as luxurious as blotting papers get. I love taking these out of their sleek tube.  The papers are a generous size and one is plenty for the whole face. The soft texture feels great on the skin and never pulls of any makeup. These would be my #1 choice if it wasn’t for the price. Given the frequency I use blotting papers, I won’t be purchasing these very often. However, these are by far the best quality.

#1: Boscia- Green Tea Blotting Linens (100 ct for $10)

I’ve been buying these for years and after this test, they are still my favorite.  On the surface, they appear more expensive at $10 but they are by far the better value.  You get 100 in a pack, double what you get in others.  Also, the size is generous.  These are about twice the size of the NYX, Clean & Clear, and Palladio sheets.  I usually only need one to take care of my whole face.  The texture is also really silky and never disturbs my makeup.  A plus is the pleasant smell of green tea.  While the package says the green tea helps sooth and freshen your skin, I can’t attest to that, but these are great to use.  They also have a few different varieties available from time to time.  They have Clear Complexion with Bamboo & Willow Bark Extract, Black Charcoal and the Green Tea lines available now.  They had a Peppermint one during the holidays a few years ago that I loved.  They smelled fantastic.  I sure hope they bring those back!

A great price point, good size, silky texture and pleasant aroma makes the Boscia Blotting Linens the clear winner for me.

What are your favorites?