Clinique All About Eyes

Instant Under Eye Brightness

I have had a long and sordid relationship with eye creams, but I dare say this pretty little pot has put me on the road to rehabilitation.  More on this later, but here is why I LOVE this eye cream:

  1. Just after two short weeks of use day and night, I had already starting noticing an improvement in the brightness of my under eye area.
  2. It is super moisturizing but feels like a cross between a gel and a cream so it absorbs quickly.
  3. It instantly brightens and depuffs without resorting to any gimmicky glitter particles (feels like a dream if you store it in the refrigerator!).
  4. It wears beautifully under makeup, with or without the use of a primer.
  5. At $30 for the .5 oz or $51.50 for the 1 oz jar it’s a steal compared to the higher end eye creams on the market.
  6. Did I mention how gentle it is?!  I’ve experienced no irritation or burning which is extremely important to me since I’m a contact lens wearer.

Now back to why I’ve had such trouble with eye creams in the past…

I’ve always had dark under eye circles.  I can prove it in photos of me as a child.  They can be hereditary, so at a certain point there is only so much a topical cream can do.  It took me years to realize this and adjust my expectations.  So for the past 10 years or so I’ve been trying all sorts of eye creams to solve the issue.  I’ve tried drugstore brand eye creams, high end eye creams (one that was $175- glad I got a big sample!) and everything in between.  And I’ve never bought an eye cream more than once.  Then comes this unpretentious cream from Clinique.

After 6 months of use, my under eye area is noticeably brighter.  No miracles here but it’s enough to keep me happy and willing to go out the door without any concealer at all.  Most days now I just use an illuminating pen when I want a little coverage.  Also, this cream really helps to fight the pesky fine lines under my eyes that late nights cause.  I’m now almost done my second pot of this and about to purchase my third.

Clinque All About Eyes has modest claims- to diminish the appearance of puffs and under eye circles- and it delivers!


P.S.  There’s also a version called All About Eyes Rich that provides a richer formula for those that need the extra moisture.


  • Tulip Hasan

    Just purchased can’t wait to try it – my raccoon sleep deprived eyes need help badly

    • missglowitall

      It’s not oily at all. It soaks in pretty quickly and sits well under makeup. The Rich formula though is heavy so I would only recommend that one for night use or extremely dry skin. I hope you like it!

      • Tulip Hasan

        Oh awesome thank you xo

  • Daniela Botterbusch

    Just ordered this today and looking forward to clear(er) eyes. I’ll let you know how it works!