Easy Liquid Eyeliner Trick

A cheat to applying eyeliner without the headache

Trouble with liquid eyeliner?  Curl and apply your mascara first, then apply your eyeliner for an easier application.  Yes, it goes against all beauty wisdom snobbery and breaks long held rules about order.  But it works!

When you curl and apply mascara first, it creates a ledge that you can follow with your liquid eyeliner.  This is great for beginners.  It’s also useful when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to fuss around with Q-tips and makeup remover.

After you apply your shadow as preferred, follow these easy steps:

1- Curl your lashes
2- Apply mascara
3- Apply your liquid liner
With your eyes open, lay the liquid liner against your lashes and swipe across.  Follow the curve that has been created with the curler and mascara.  You should be able to feel a ledge that you can easily follow.
4- Optional: apply some powder
Add more depth to the lash line with a liner brush dipped in black or brown eyeshadow.


Then fluff those eyelashes with your fingers if you’ve flattened them out a bit.  Voilà, eyeliner in just a few seconds.

Products used in this demo:
Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara $23.20, on sale now at Nordstrom