Goe Oil by Jao Review

One product to get you summer ready from head to toe

I’m wearing the Goe Oil as I type this, shoulders bare and gleaming, feeling feminine and sexy.  This oil just makes you want to show it off.  It gives your skin a subtle glow and leaves an intoxicating air of fruity florals in its wake.  This tops the list of deserted island must haves.  It might actually be the only thing you need!

To call this a multi-tasker is an understatement.  I bought this during the brutal winter here in the Northeast to tackle my dry, itchy legs and feet.  It smoothed things out like nobody’s business and now it has grown to be my favorite summer staple.  At $48, it is pricey, but I have gotten my money’s worth.  I’ve given it quite the workout over the last 6 months and still have about a quarter of the tube left.

As a semi solid oil that warms in your hands, this is more versatile and easier to use than your typical liquid oil. It also packs 28 all natural butters and oils that make it smell divine.  If this combo was sold as a perfume, I’d buy it.  Jao boasts this oil has over a dozen uses for the face, body and hair but here’s how I’ve fallen in love with it:

  • Shaving
    I HATE shaving.  I spent two full years just waxing, but recently I decided to save a bit of money and go back to the razor.  My legs and underarms are so sensitive, and this oil is the only thing that makes it bearable.  Used on legs it creates a nice barrier between your razor and skin and helps soften up underarm hair for a close shave.  The only down side is that it can gunk up the razor a bit so you have to spend a little bit more time cleaning it out.  As an after shave treatment it soothes irritated skin and makes my legs feel so soft and bump free.
  • Body Moisturizer
    This is a real treat as an all over body moisturizer.  Since it’s a bit pricey, I tend to reserve this for nights out when I want to feel a little extra special.  It’s best to apply straight out of the shower once you’ve towel dried and your skin is still a bit damp.  I find it absorbs into skin better this way and you use less product.  Skin is left smooth, silky and dewy while still managing to feel light.  I love it for summertime use, but it does leave a light dewiness on skin.  If you like things that fully absorb and disappear into skin this may not be for you.  For an extra glow, I mix in a few pumps of liquid highlighter or bronzer.
  • Hair Styling
    This helps tame frizz when I want to air dry my hair and wear it naturally curly.  I smooth about a dime size amount through damp hair before using a curl cream.  It makes my hair smell great and helps keep things smoothed out.
  • Cracked Nails & Cuticles
    This is the only product I’ve used that keeps my cracked nails moisturized for more than a few hours.  Most oils will only work temporarily and then fade.  I like to give my nails a break from nail polish every few weeks as it can leave my nails cracked and dry.  This oil fixes them right up.  I massage this into my bare nails and they look pretty and smooth for over 24 hours without any other products.  I also use this as an oil during home manicures to push back my cuticles.
  • Rough Heels
    A small amount before bed and rough heels are no more by morning.
  • Eye Makeup Remover
    I’m typically not a big fan of oil based eye makeup removers so have only used this as a spot makeup remover.  It does the job pretty well and is gentle.

I have not yet tried this on my face as it contains shea butter and cocoa butter.  These ingredients tend to be too heavy for my combo skin during the warm weather, but I look forward to mixing a few drops with my moisturizer come next winter.

This is one product that really delivers on a multitude of uses.  It’s sure to save some space in my suitcase on my next trip while keeping me glowing and smelling like a tropical breeze.