Karma Naturals Nail Polish Remover

Take off your nail polish and nourish your nails in one step!

That nail polish has been on your nails for two weeks while you keep telling yourself they don’t look that bad.  They’re just a little chipped.  The nail polish isn’t doing that much damage to my nails, right?  You’ll tell yourself anything to avoid the job of using a nail polish remover.  The smell is horrid, and it’s a no go if you need to use your fingers for anything meaningful afterward like handling food or taking your contacts out, ouch!  Been there, done that.  I needed a better way and I found it with Karma Naturals Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil & Lavender.

Using nail polish remover has always felt like an assault on my senses.  A surgical face mask seeming appropriate for the task, though I never wore one.  Why should we use chemicals that dry our nails out and make our bathrooms smell like a car detailing shop?  How did we convince ourselves that this was ok?

Well, Karma Naturals Nail Polish remover has us covered. It’s non-toxic and acetone free, and it does the job just as good as a regular nail polish would. As an oil, it feels extremely moisturizing when applied to the nails with a cotton ball. It does take a few extra swipes to take off the nail polish compared to your normal remover (more so if it’s a very dark color), but not by much. I look at is as a treatment, so worth the extra time. I used to hate how dry and cracked my nails looked after using a regular nail polish remover, but with Karma my nails are smooth and moisturized.

Being a huge lavender fan, I bought the Soybean Oil & Lavender version and it is very soothing. I don’t have to brace myself for an attack on my nose, and I can leave the cotton pads in any trashcan without being haunted by the smell of alcohol.

My favorite thing about this nail polish though is peace of mind. I have comfort in knowing that I’m not breathing in or using unnecessary harsh chemicals on my hands. And most importantly, that I can safely go about my day and dig my pretty, little hands into anything!

Karma Naturals Nail Polish remover also comes in a Soybean Oil & Tea Tree Oil and Unscented versions. It’s $12, but given how long a bottle of nail polish remover lasts, is completely worth it.

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